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Handmade pierogies (1 dozen)

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Grandma's Original
Super secret recipe passed down from Grandma Justine. The filling is a unique mix of savory cabbage, egg, onion, butter and a few other touches to give it an amazing taste.

Potato and Cheese
Made up of cheesy mashed potato mixed with the perfect amount of sour cream and finished off with a dash of cracked pepper. Delicious and wholesome!

The Italian
A spicy blend of our Polish and Italian heritage. Chopped pepperoni, mozzarella, provolone, marinara, spices.

The Philly
Our version of the classic cheesesteak. Ground beef, provolone, fresh green pepper, a hint of jalapeno, seasoning.

Apple Pie
Scratch-made apple pie filling stuffed into our fresh dough make a perfect combo! Try topping it with a drizzle of caramel sauce!

The Pierogi Bros. guarantee  
Every Pierogi Bros. dumpling is hand made from scratch using the finest all natural ingredients. Hand pinched just like Grandma Justine taught us!